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So... I've mostly been working on my long Cherik fic; because those two idiots are pushy assholes, I also keep getting other ideas, some in that timeline, some not.

Anyway, some of it is done enough to be posted on AO3.

The main fic: "I felt your agony, let me feel your your ecstasy" ... is here; it's still in progress, I've posted 7 of ... I'm guessing it will be 16 to 20 chapters.
There are two complete and posted drabbles in this timeline/storyline: "Enriched Uranium" and "Darwin the cat" here and here respectively. These both take place after the events of XMFC.
I also posted "Alone in a private room", which is posted here, to that series as it's logically part of the storyline.

Things still to do: (1) The balance of "I felt your agony" ... which is still plenty let me tell you. I'm trying to write more or less in chronological order, now, rather than skipping around in the story, and currently I'm working on the Russia chapter(s?) which is going to be hard going since there's a lot planned, there, emotionally. The sex scene, such as it is, and the lead up to it, and the morning after fluff, however, is done. That's at least 2 or 3 chapters away that I have to write in between, though.
(2) "October 7, 1962" ... a little side ficlet. It occurred to me that the missile crisis was in the end of October. The movie timeline, well.. it dates Erik being in Geneva in April, but nothing else is dated, so it's been unclear to me when all the key players come together, whether that's stretched out all over the summer or compressed in a few weeks or what. In any case, it's fair to guess that the group had come together by early October for sure. And ... well. Yom Kippur. A little discussion of belief, and remorse and stuff. I just felt it was interesting, but not part of the arc of the developing relationship that is the gist of the story. Logically it goes between chapter 8 and 9 of "I felt your agony" (as it's currently tentatively numbered.) I've written part of it, but there's more still to do.
(3) "Winter 1963" (the name may yet be changed); basically an epilogue/afterwards fic. Marriage fluff for a secret marriage. I've written the start of it, but much more to do.
(4) "Summer 2011" (ditto) ... yay for old dudes Cherik .... nearly 50 years later, when marriage equality becomes law in New York state, they make it legal, and throw a party. Enough fluff to make stuffed toys out of.

Other things: I have a bunch of soulmate AU tiny drabbles as ideas, one of which is basically all the way written out, which is probably going to end up being a 5 + 1 (or 4 + 1, but, you know, that style of story)

An Xmen / Firefly crossover. There are mutants in Firefly 'verse (why not?), it's not fun being a mutant under the Alliance, the Xavier school exists on one of the border worlds - and instead of Simon showing up with frozen River in a box on Serenity, he shows up at the school because he's heard it's a safe place for those with special powers. Considerable chunks written. The initial spark of an idea sort of started with 'what if River was basically Jean Grey' but sort of took off in a different direction.
And a collection of other ideas, mostly not yet fleshed out, although the boys keep feeding me lines and I'm like, no, I'm not writing that now, I'm working on something else. Including:
- what if instead of random "Old German Man" (that's how he's listed in the credits) standing up to Loki in Stuttgart, it had been Magneto? Because he would sooooo not put up with that shit. (Yeah, I know this story idea has been written by others, but. More the merrier.)
- vampire AU, I'd probably stick to some part of movie timeline. Still powered, but Charles is also a vampire, and intends to turn Erik. (thank you tumblr, for some truly inspiring imagery)
- a little 'in fill' in that this could have happened in between, and still be canon compliant... as per backstory of DoFP, Erik is in the cell in the basement of the Pentagon for all those years after the JFK assassination without his helmet. Charles wouldn't be able to reach that far on his own, but he can with Cerebro, and 'visits' every time he uses it. And then what Erik makes of it when Charles falls into depression and the visits come less often, and then stop ...
- not precisely Cherik, but. Erik, post DoFP ... mid1970s, perhaps. Crossover with that Murder in Mind ep ... he has business in Bristol and he's horny, goes to the park looking for an anonymous encounter, and encounters Martin Vosper ... (yeah, I mean, that's supposed to have been set in contemporary times, so it's AU to MiM)
- in the "verse" of "I felt your agony." - they are running the school together, and circa 1968 they've at least gone from training and sheltering young adult mutants to actually doing academics and being a real school at least at the highschool level - so they're picking up adolescents just coming into their powers, maybe? Anyway, Charles (not knowing anything about it, just having found them with Cerebro) goes to talk to the maximoff twins and their mom - with Erik in tow - which leads to "ERIK?!"  "MAGDA?!" at the door....
- absolutely canon compliant to movie timeline: what was it like, post X3, the first time Erik saw Charles after the 'resurrection'? Because oh yeah, he'd be happy as hell to see him, but he'd also be pissed off.

So yeah, those two have me jumping, all right

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So this is one that got written over a month ago, and then I had to tinker endlessly with it until I was satisfied...ish.
Implied Cherik.


I'm restless this autumn night
and I miss your company
Struggling in my cage
of crippled flesh
There's miles between us
but I taste your slumber

I might sleep too
if only I were in your arms
All my trials seem easier
when you are near
you do not see half a man
only the same one you've always loved

old cynic, how it's changed
now you carry the hope
I must labour hard to find

Oh, when you are by my side
what matter is a broken body
when my heart is whole?

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Still not writing anything other than Cherik. Also, trying to write their fic and brain goes, nope, excuse me I must poem


And I will always be there

Age and time
Has cooled our ardour
And the fire of our convictions

When once we were heartsick foes
Now we're more often squabbling allies
Easy friends even at war

And still you scoff at idealism,
At my search for hope

But my dearest friend,
I can still remember
The bittersweet taste of your tears
Joy mixed with sorrow
When you still could weep

I still remember a night
When you found serenity in my arms
I remember the man who told me
Come what may
Never to doubt his love

Old friend, when will you see
The hope I seek is yours?

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So ... I'm still pretty much writing nothing but Cherik.

At first sight

love is too deep
and too complex a thing
for me to believe
in love at first sight

but there was something
some connection, some spark
from that first moment
when skin and minds touched
from that first moment
when I rescued a man
who did not want to be saved

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One of those moments where I was trying to sleep and my brain was like, F*ck you, I'm going to poem.

That image of blood on the sand is something that's been in my head for a while and I was thinking it was going to go in another Cherik (longer form) poem, but meanwhile, haiku happened. So it may get reused later.
The other two are FitzSimmons, if that's not obvious. :)
I'm feeling strangely unmotivated to meme them.

Your blood on the sand
I never meant to hurt you
mein Schatz, beloved

two halves of a whole
a galaxy in her eyes
it’s dark without her

he would die for her
she couldn’t live without him
now she makes it worse

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Warning, this is actually a bit from my still in-progress Cherik fic ... it is stream of consciousness, and I thought it would do well to stand alone as a poem.
For now I am only posting this here, not on AO3 and dA, because of the "spoilering" as it were.
So if you don't want to be spoiled for one of the, er, climaxes of the story then don't read. As with the one I just posted, both voices are here, and not necessarily separated into different verses. Also, you know. There's sex in here.

Updated 22/6/2015 with a slight wording change
Read more...Collapse )

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Cherik has eaten my brain and I can hardly write anything else these days. Oh well.
Both of their voices are in this, I leave it as an exercise to the reader to sort out who's speaking when (and some of the verses, it could be either)
Autumn's Hurricanes


When I first met you
On the cusp of fall
I knew you would be
my new beginning
my life renewed

words of friendship
words of welcome
words of belonging
dripped like honey
from your apple-red lips

you gave me back my heart
so long withered and cold
and now it is yours
thriving in your care
safe in your nurturing hands

you showed me how to dream
how we all can be more
that what were before
to reach for things
beyond our grasp
and make the extraordinary happen

we are so different
and yet so much the same
our convictions
and our goals diverge
but we find common ground
in our desires
and in our hearts

Finally, after so long
allowed to touch
I’m drawn towards you
pulled towards your light
yearning for the fire
and that burning consummation
like the ill-fated moth

and you could pin me
like a hapless insect
in the naturalist’s collection
and I would not mind
spread out naked
under the heat of your gaze

the storm cloud’s gray
the fathomless blue depths of the sea
we danced around each other
so long and so carefully
now our kiss will raise
autumn’s hurricanes

on the edge of war
will you bring me peace
on the brink of disaster
at the end of the world
we dare to explore
what otherwise we would deny
we seek joy in one another

pledge to each other
private vows
made in silence

whatever happens
even if the world
should tear us apart
I will never
stop loving you

underneath your strength
such tenderness
such diffidence

in your slender frame
such fierceness
such power
you’d move the stars
by will alone
what chance had I
once you set your sights on me

take my hand
take my lips
take my body
take my heart
take all of me,
mein Liebling,
oh my love.

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So... I watched Hex and kinda got a huge crush on Azazeal. And Fassy.


and the heart whispers, Azazeal

fallen one
break your fall
on my soft breast

fallen one
I would not have fought you
I would let you coax me
so willingly to give in

fallen one
you would never repulse me
even in your truest form
enfold me in leathery wings

fallen one
all my sacrifices are willing
take the memories
of every prior love
take my heart, my soul
take my past and future

fallen one
make me your mistress
your fleeting beloved
or if you must have blood
I will be your sacrifice
I would willingly die on your knife
if only you will take me in my bliss
give me the little death on your sword
with the greater death on your blade
and both of them
with your name on my lips
love's benediction

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Finished off my fic about Natasha sitting shiva for Coulson. Posted on AO3. http://archiveofourown.org/works/2782871

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Too many voices in my head.

So I've been used to having (marvel) Loki in my head, writing wise. I mean, that's been going on since the spring, after all, it's kind of the whole basis of my whole creativity, really.
And I can understand the presence of (actual/God) Loki sometimes, because, well.

And then sometimes I have Hawkeye in my head because of writing a fic from his POV. And I figured that was a product of Loki wanting that fic to happen, so letting his little Hawk have some 'screen time' with my head/attention for that purpose.

Then I fell into Cherik, and I don't know if both of those two smartasses are in my head but .... surprising, NOT the telepath, but Erik sometimes is, in that, sometimes I read something unrelated [in fact, a loki's dirty whisper, once] and I'm hearing it in Erik's voice.

And then I was talking online to someone about cosplay -> sewing products -> the ancient and persnickety Singer and I couldn't help thinking, and mentioning, the bit from CA2 about going to the Smithsonian to pick up a fossil and I'm like, dear gods, do I have an internal snarky Natasha too, now?

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